Who are we?

The strategic alliance between an interior designer and an educational consultant that unites your experience in both fields, to offer you the support you need, to make your school a place where spaces are the third educational element. In addition we have partners who are specialized in the remodeling and / or construction of educational facilities to be able to offer you an integral project, with a team of architects, an engineering of facilities and a construction company.

Gemma Torregrosa and Clara Puigventós are the partners of the Baula, both with 20 years of experience in the education sector. We are trainers, promoters of new educational projects, we accompany the addresses and teams to realize their projects, ensuring that all the elements that make up the educational community are present. We have participated with more than 10 projects of construction of schools or rehabilitation of spaces to turn them into schools. Making linkage and catalysts among all the agents involved. Our experience shows that a good definition of the spaces in accordance with the educational proposal to offer, is between 20 and 50% cheaper, than the one that has not taken this process into account beforehand. Align the project and the educational methodologies, the concepts of neuroscience, and the needs of children and teachers with the constructive project so that everything flows in harmony. Generating better, motivating, more efficient learning environments and achieving better results in children’s achievements.

My name is Marta Castellano-Mas and I’m an interior designer for more than 20 years. My professional career began in 1996 and since then I have worked in a wide variety of fields within the profession, which has given me a broad vision of the importance of aesthetics in any field, whatever. So, during these years I have carried out housing projects, retail, contract, ephemeral architecture, museology and recently I have also entered the world of schools. However, in all areas I have explored, the school is undoubtedly where there is more scope to go. Finally, it seems that in a fairly generalized and collective way, the importance of “caring for, thinking and pampering” this environment where our children spend so many hours growing, playing and learning are becoming aware of. In this sense, my experience will help to materialize the aesthetic and functional change of those schools, who, like us, are sure that the change and improvement of classrooms as we know them is absolutely inevitable and necessary. The learning environment we offer today to children, will be the model on which they will build their world tomorrow.